One-Year Anniversary

Jan 15, 2014

This is the one-year anniversary of the blog. When I started it, I told myself, and you, that I would dedicate myself to post something every other week for a year. I’ve held that promise, posting every other Wednesday; I’m very happy about that. It hasn’t always been easy. It’s amazing how fast those Wednesdays can come up! I’ve discovered that I really work better when I have a deadline. Now that it’ been a year, I wholeheartedly¬†plan on continuing with this blog, but will not be making any sort of commitment as to how often I’ll post. I’m looking forward to that kind of freedom and flexibility.

For the enthusiastic movie-lover like me, it’s Oscar season; and with that in mind there are a few people that I’d like to thank. First off, I’d like to thank Page Orb Pedde, without whom, this blog would not be possible. Not only was Page immeasurably helpful in setting this blog up, but she has also been my editor and consigliere throughout the past year. I’m incredibly thankful for her patience, insight, and judgement.

I would next like to thank all of you readers out there who have allowed me to share a bit of my life with you. I know you have busy schedules and are bombarded with constant e-mails, status updates, etc. Thank you so much for making the time to read what I’ve had to say.

Lastly, but far from the least, I’d like to give a very heartfelt thanks to all of you who have not only read this blog but have also taken the extra step of e-mailing me with words of encouragement and support, congratulatory messages, or just using it as an excuse to say “hello” and stay in touch. Like applause to the stage actor, those messages have kept me going through the tough times and have made it all seem worthwhile.

So, to all of you, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy